Sophisticated rope techniques have been used by cavers, rock climbers and mountaineers for many decades.

Since the 1980's the application of these techniques has expanded into the industrial sector.

Roped access workers are skilled in techniques that enable them to quickly set up rigging, typically anchored to the structure. Employing specialised equipment, operatives are able to attach themselves to the rigging and using the techniques of abseiling (descending) and jumaring (ascending) are able to gain access to difficult locations. Workers are then free to carry out a wide range of tasks ranging from heavy installation to lighter work such as inspection or painting.

Efficiency and safety are prime considerations in any industrial environment and the benefits of using rope access techniques has now been proven in both respects, whilst also being extremely cost effective in comparison to conventional access methods.

These factors have led to the expanding roped access industry of the 1990's which employs operatives in offshore and onshore settings world-wide.